MEP – BSR features City Hall panorama

MEP – BSR features City Hall panorama


One of my panorama photos is featuring on the front page of the website of the Model European Parliament – Baltic Sea Region Program (MEP-BSR).

The MEP Baltic Sea Region Program is a non-partisan leadership program for youth in Estonia, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. The aim of the MEP Baltic Sea Region program is to develop interest and skills in addressing high level international issues jointly among high-school students in the 10 countries around the Baltic Sea. The program is a training ground for future leaders and politicians.

The panorama photo of Stockholm’s City Hall was chosen to highlight the upcoming session of the MEP Baltic Sea Region Program in October 2014 which will be held in the capital of Sweden.

For more of my panorama photos you are welcome to view the Gallery – Panorama.

October 2012 wallpaper

October 2012 wallpaper

October 2012 free desktop calendar wallpaper

For the October 2012 wallpaper I have chosen an image of Stockholm. The photo is taken from Riddarholmen in central Stockholm overlooking Kungsholmen with a clear view on City Hall or Stadshuset (click the image above to view and download!).

During the photoshoot I also created a panorama view over Kungsholmen.

If you would like the wallpaper in another size just drop me a note.

Stockholm’s City Hall by night II

This week conditions were much better in the city center around City Hall. As you might recall from my post two weeks ago it then was cloudy, I was late and the tower was not lit.

But this week I guess I was lucky and we experienced a very nice late-summer evening with a blue sky. I was in good time to set up my equipment and make test shots. On top of that all the top of the tower was in full light. Here is one of the results.

While I was taking images it struck me what a beautiful panorama view you have when you look from Riddarholmen towards City Hall. The view stretches all the way from Södermalm to the left, over the water following the bridge to Kungsholmen, than City Hall and the futuristic looking new World Trade Center in the background of the archipelago boats to the right.

I took a series of 5 images covering the whole panorama. Back home I used Adobe Photoshop’s photo-merge tool, which works fantastic in the latest version (CS5), to create a panorama photo. You can see the results from this weeks shoot at City Hall in my Sweden: Stockholm gallery. Obviously the panorama photo does not view well on screen as it it too small to get the full impact, but once I have printed it at 100x25cm it will look great.

Stockholm’s City Hall by night

Tonight I went out into the city of Stockholm for some location spotting. Stockholm is regarded as a beautiful city, in my opinion it absolutely is, and I am determined to shoot more images in my home city. After the success of last year (see my previous blog-post here) I felt like discovering more good sights and wondered why I had waited so long…

One of the main sights in Stockholm is city-hall (Stadshuset). It lies beautifully on the waterside facing towards the south island of the city, Södermalm. I went to Riddarholmen, a small island just in between, as I figured to have the best view on city-hall from there.

Unfortunately the conditions were not great. First of all I was a bit too late and had to rush setting up to catch the remaining light, second of all it was cloudy and third of all the lights in top of the main tower were not lit. I was happy I went anyway as I could test my new tripod (Manfrotto 190CXPro3), so I shot some images. One of the results you can see above. I will definitely come back to this location under better conditions, i.e. clear sky and with a bit of luck with the lights lit in top of the tower. I will keep you posted.

On my way back I crossed the bridge towards the old city (Gamla Stan) and experimented a bit more with long shutter times while the traffic was rushing underneath me. Here is the result.

The new Manfrotto was a pleasure to use. It was easy to carry, quick to setup and I just love the new ballhead which gives me the ease of use I was looking for in a tripod.

The only thing that remains now is that I do not wait another year until I take out my camera in my home town.