Tonight I went out into the city of Stockholm for some location spotting. Stockholm is regarded as a beautiful city, in my opinion it absolutely is, and I am determined to shoot more images in my home city. After the success of last year (see my previous blog-post here) I felt like discovering more good sights and wondered why I had waited so long…

One of the main sights in Stockholm is city-hall (Stadshuset). It lies beautifully on the waterside facing towards the south island of the city, Södermalm. I went to Riddarholmen, a small island just in between, as I figured to have the best view on city-hall from there.

Unfortunately the conditions were not great. First of all I was a bit too late and had to rush setting up to catch the remaining light, second of all it was cloudy and third of all the lights in top of the main tower were not lit. I was happy I went anyway as I could test my new tripod (Manfrotto 190CXPro3), so I shot some images. One of the results you can see above. I will definitely come back to this location under better conditions, i.e. clear sky and with a bit of luck with the lights lit in top of the tower. I will keep you posted.

On my way back I crossed the bridge towards the old city (Gamla Stan) and experimented a bit more with long shutter times while the traffic was rushing underneath me. Here is the result.

The new Manfrotto was a pleasure to use. It was easy to carry, quick to setup and I just love the new ballhead which gives me the ease of use I was looking for in a tripod.

The only thing that remains now is that I do not wait another year until I take out my camera in my home town.