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If you would like to have a print from one of my photos simply visit the Galleries. After you have made your choice of the photo to be printed click the Add to Cart button.

Size and finish

On the pop-up screen you can make your choice of size and finish. Most of the photos are available in sizes from 6×4″ (15x10cm) to 30″x20″ (75x50cm). The prints come in finishes of glossy, matte or lustre.

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The order process is fully automated through the online shop. Payment can be made with PayPal or credit card. Shipment is available to world-wide destinations.

Other sizes or mediums

If you would like to order a print in a different size you are welcome to contact me. Other mediums are also available on request, e.g. canvas prints, acrylic prints or aluminum prints.

Rights Managed License

For a digital copy of my photos I can provide you with a Rights Managed License, which gives you the right to use the digital file for the purpose you have specified. Visit the Galleries and after you have made your choice of photo click the Add to Cart button.

Personal or commercial/editorial use

On the pop-up screen select the Downloads tab. Here you will have the choice for personal use or commercial/editorial use. Select your purpose and follow the remaining steps to specify the rights of use.

Order, payment and delivery

The order process is fully automated through the online shop. Payment can be made with PayPal or credit card. Delivery of the hi-quality JPG-file is done through a download link.

Alternative rights of use

For any alternative rights of use not specified in the online shop please contact me.

Landscape Photography

The beauty of our landscapes never stops fascinating me. I enjoy the scouting for the right location and time of day to catch compelling landscapes.

Travel Photography

The passion for travel photography has been with me since many years. I try to capture the cultural characteristics in the people and their environment.

Commercial Photography

On special request I am available for commercial and corporate photo shoots. For corporate portraits or product photos please contact me.

Educational Workshops

For special occasions I am available for workshops. I can arrange programs for both photography workshops and digital editing workshops.

Latest on the Blog

A week in Tokyo

At the end of October I had the privilege to spend one week in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. What an amazing city and country! It is bursting with energy and activity during both day- and night time. It provides a mixture of atmospheres of the historic, ancient and traditional times and the modern, luxury, electronic- and gadget driven era we live in today. The food is healthy and outstanding and it’s people are friendly and extremely helpful and polite.

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