The April 2011 wallpaper is dedicated to my beloved mother, Yvonne Timmermans-Regeer. She passed away last week after a two year fight against cancer. With her passing away I loose the biggest fan of my photography. She loved the sea, so may her soul find rest and peace on this pathway to infinity.

Following a question in my previous blog post I received input via the various social network sites on which of the presented photos should become the April 2011 wallpaper. Upon popular request I have chosen photo #2. A good friend of my wife has called it “Pathway to Infinity” and so its name will be. Kim, thanks for naming this photo in a way I could not have done better myself.

The photo was taken during sunset at Camperduin near the city of Schoorl on the west coast of the Netherlands.

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If you would like the wallpaper in another size just drop me a note.