It is almost the first of the month and thus time for a new wallpaper.

The chosen photo for the October 2010 wallpaper comes from the Sweden: Farstanäs series. I took this photo while I was camping south of Södertalje, close to Järna in an area known as Farstanäs. A long exposure time (20sec) was used in combination with a graduated neutral density (GND) filter to hold back some of the sky light.

It was the week after midsummer and the weather was great. In the late evenings the sky would fill with pink and magenta colors while the sun was setting. Although the image breaths of a certain tranquility it was much less like that at the time. While my camera was registering the image I was beating mosquitoes from my legs and forehead while trying not the hit my tripod…

Click on the image above to get the small version (1280x853px).

Click here if you want to get the large version (1920x1200px).

If you would like the wallpaper in another size just drop me a note.