Grisslehamn & Singö

Grisslehamn & Singö

The June 2011 wallpaper was based on a photo I took end of May on the east coast of Sweden near the village of Grisslehamn. I promised in that post to show some more photos from that trip. Here they are.

The above text layered image is based on the photo below. This photo was taken at 11pm in the harbor of Grisslehamn. I had just returned from my evening tour at the coast.

The harbor was just 100m from my pension. The photo is built from 3 individual images, stitched together using Adobe Photoshop’s photo-merge to get a slight panorama effect.

Earlier during that evening I shot some seaside photos of the waterfront. The coastline is very rocky near Grisslehamn.

The next evening I went to the island of Singö, just north of Grisslehamn. This is the location where the June 2011 wallpaper was taken. The below photo is a wider framed photo of the same island, Svartklubben with the lighthouse, with a rock formation in the foreground.

June 2011 wallpaper

June 2011 wallpaper

Wow… another month has passed and it is already the 1st of June, so I owe you a new wallpaper. Here it is!

Last week I spent a few days on the east-coast of Sweden, 150km north of Stockholm. I visited the fishing village Grisslehamn and the neighboring island Singö.

In front of Singö lies the small island Svartklubben (The Black Club) with on it a lighthouse surrounded by typical Swedish wooden red houses. It can be photographed well from Singö with a telelens.

The coming weeks I will post some more images from the trip to Grisslehamn and Singö.

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