The “Mallumsche Molen” of Eibergen in Holland

The “Mallumsche Molen” of Eibergen in Holland

The “Mallumsche Molen” (Mill of Mallum) is located in the eastern part of Holland (the Netherlands) in the village of Eibergen, my hometown.

This wheat-mill was first built in 1188. The villagers of Eibergen were required to get their wheat grained at this mill. The mill existed out of two parts, a wheat-mill and an oil-mill. During a fire in 1746 both buildings were destroyed. In 1748 the wheat-mill was rebuilt. In 1960 the mill was completely restored.

Even at present day the mill is in operation on every Saturday afternoon and can be visited by the public for a demonstration.

The village of Eibergen, located along the river Berkel, originated in the 12th century. The river Berkel runs from Vreden, in Germany, to Zuthpen and was an important transportation route at the time.

For more information about the village of Eibergen please visit VVV Eibergen or Historische Kring Eibergen (both in Dutch).

The above image is a panorama photo built out of 8 individual images stitched together using photo-merge in Adobe Photoshop CS5. The image below is a single photo and a close-up of the water wheel of the mill.