May 2014 wallpaper

May 2014 wallpaper


The May 2014 wallpaper was taken in Yngsjö in Skåne, the most southern province of Sweden. Yngsjö is nowadays most famous for it’s white beaches.

This small village at the coast of the Baltic sea with just over 300 inhabitants, however, was once famous for what has become known as “The Yngsjö murder”. In 1889 a young woman was murdered by her husband and his mother. Both perpetrators of the crime were sentenced to death and the mother became the last woman in Sweden to be executed.

More photos from Yngsjö beach can be viewed here.

Forsakar Waterfalls

Forsakar Waterfalls


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The Forsakar Nature Reserve is situated in the North-Eastern part of the Skåne province in south Sweden, in the Kristianstad municipality near the village of Degeberga. The 2.5 hectare large nature reserve was founded 1928 and mainly encompasses a 750 metres long and 40 metres deep ravine. The ravine runs from west to east and is likely a product of erosion during some of the ice ages.

The Forsaker Creek runs through the nature reserve and passes the Forsakar Waterfalls, the upper fall having a free fall of 7.4 metres and the lower fall having a free fall of 10.6 metres.