July 2011 wallpaper

July 2011 wallpaper

The month of July is upon us and the summer has started. Therefore for the July 2011 wallpaper I have chosen one of my images of a Dandelion visualizing the transition of spring to summer.

The photo was taken early in June this year. It is a close-up / macro photo taken under simple circumstances. In our living room window I put the Dandelion in front of a white piece of paper. The window gave some back-light from the sun, no other light source was used. The hardest part was actually to get the Dandelions home without destroying them, as they are very fragile in this state.

Click on the image above to get the small version (1280x853px).

Click here if you want to get the large version (1920x1200px).

If you would like the wallpaper in another size just drop me a note.