Metro Art in Stockholm

Metro Art in Stockholm

Stockholm’s Metro system (in Swedish “Tunnelbana” or “T-bana”) is 110 kilometer long and houses a unique collection of sculptures, artworks and exhibitions. More than 90 of the 110 stations are beautifully decorated by artists. Just as fascinating as the artworks themselves are the stories about the artists who created them.

To hear about the artists and their artworks you can join the art walks organized by SL, the company operating the Stockholm Metro. All you need to join the art walk is any valid ticket for the Metro. You can read more about the art walks at the SL website.

The photos below are taken in the metro stations of Solna Centrum, Kungsträdgården and T-Centralen.

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A selection of my work is now available via Wallstars (website in Dutch only).

Wallstars delivers your choice of photo from their webshop. It is printed on special textile fabric, which can be framed in an luxury aluminum frame. By using the latest UV printing techniques the colors are rich and truthful. No matter how big your wall is, photos and frame sizes are available from 1 meter up till 6 meter!

Due to the special mounting technique you can exchange your photo within the frame for an alternative photo within minutes. If you order more prints in the same size you can exchange them on a regular basis. Check out Wallstars short instruction video to get an idea of the ease of use to have great art photography on your wall.

Wallstars delivers standard in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Though, on special request they can ship to other countries as well.

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