Photographing Khille

On Saturday evening I went out to have dinner at the home of a good friend. Since she has a lovely dog I suggested I would bring my camera and take some shots of him.

The dogs name is Khille (pronounced as Shille) and is named after a Swedish policeman, Mr. Khilberg. This is their story:

One winters night in Sweden, when it was only minus 15 degrees (C), Khilberg was on patrol in the streets of Stockholm. He suddenly heard whimpering in a plastic packet in a dustbin and he bothered to check it. He looked inside and found a small puppy thrown away in the packet in the dustbin. Horrified by such cruelty, he took the puppy and brought it to the local animal shelter. That puppy was Khille. Shortly after he was left at the animal shelter my friend picked him up and adopted him.

Khille is one of the happiest and, without a doubt, one of the most beloved dogs in the world that I know of. It was a pleasure to photograph him.

Children and animals are among the most difficult subjects to photograph. They are often impatient, are moving too much and hardly ever listen to or understand given instructions.

As a photographer one of the best tactics is to just follow your subject in their being, understand their natural behavior, anticipate what is coming and be ready with your camera when the right moment arises.

When it is done successfully it is among the most rewarding photography one can do, because the end result is inevitably bringing joy to the parents.