As I am still spending time in the Netherlands I have the opportunity to celebrate Queen’s Day here today. Queen’s Day celebrates the birthday of the Queen of the Netherlands and is supposed to be a day of national unity and “togetherness”. Originally it was Queen Juliana (the mother of our current Queen Beatrix) who had birthday on 30 April. Although Queen Beatrix’s birthday is on 31 January, she officially celebrates her birthday on 30 April. On this day the Royal Family is touring through the country and visiting one or two villages to celebrate. Today they visit the villages Weert and Thorn in the most southern province of the Netherlands, Limburg.

Usually the weather is good on this day. The spring is in full swing and everything is growing and blooming with fresh colors and beautiful smells. Therefore the May 2011 wallpaper is from a photo I took earlier in the week in the eastern part of the Netherlands and shows fresh green leaves still wet from an early morning spring shower.

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If you would like the wallpaper in another size just drop me a note.