Windmill near Volendam, Noord-Holland

Due to family reasons I am currently spending some time away from home and back in my country of birth, the Netherlands.

Although I have visited the Netherlands the past years frequently I never spent much time to seriously photograph it. Actually, some Dutch cows are currently the only gallery in my portfolio from the country I lived in for more than 30 years (you can view them here).

Now that I have lived abroad for many years it seems that I view my previous home with different eyes. While I was living there it would not have had my preference to go out and shoot some images in stormy and cloudy weather, but it was different two weeks ago.

There was a heavy storm with very strong winds and regular rainfall a few weekends ago. Flights from Schiphol airport were delayed or even canceled and traffic on the roads was seriously effected. These were the conditions I went out with my camera (I did not even bother to take my tripod with me) and shot the attached photos.

“Towards the end” at the coastline of Petten, Noord-Holland