For all of you who do not live in Sweden I can tell you that we have an unusual amount of snow for the time of year. Also the temperatures are lower than we are common with in December.

Early December I was traveling to the Netherlands to visit my family. On a beautiful Saturday morning we had some real snow showers there creating a mere 15 cm of snow. Unfortunately overnight temperatures went up and rain came. By the time we woke up almost all the snow had gone. Unlike the situation often in middle and north Sweden this is quite common in the Netherlands.

Anyway, last weekend we had beautiful weather around Stockholm, thus it was time to take out the cameras and make some snow shots. It was a cold experience though, with temperatures as low as -15 degrees C I was sometimes knee deep in the snow trying to find the perfect composition.

With the sun setting already before 3pm combined with the low temperatures you get to see a  fantastic colored sky with blue’s and magenta’s.