Ever since our successful trip to Cuba in 2002 I have wanted to go back there. Not only to drink more rum and smoke more Cohiba’s, but to experience the country again, talk more with the people and try to understand it even better than before. In October I will be traveling for three weeks in Cuba again.

Of course, returning after seven years also gives the opportunity to see changes, if any, since Fidel Castro gave over power to his brother. From what I read on the net and in guidebooks there has been a new phase in modernization in the country, and I should expect more internet access to be available and better coverage and usage of their mobile networks.

On my end the difference will mainly be the type of photographic equipment I will drag with me. Back in 2002 my main camera was a Nikon F100 and I shot positive slides. I had just purchased my first ever digital camera, the Nikon Coolpix 885 and I shot jpg’s. (The photo above was taken with the Nikon Coolpix 885).

Now I will travel with my Nikon D2X and D300, and a Canon Powershot G9, and all will be shooting in RAW, giving me more freedom to enhance the images afterward. Instead of returning home with a bag full of film rolls and waiting for a week to get the developed slides back, I will come back with a handful of compact flash cards and a portable hard-disk with a 4″ screen to view the images instantly.

My initial planned itinerary will take me from Havana to Santa Clara, Trinidad and Cienfuengos, but changes might occur. I will keep you posted.